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links for 2010-08-01

Mark Bernstein on the Future of Books

Mark Bernstein on the Future of Books (and on Bob Stein)

I’m a liberal whose would gladly send the page to the wall if we could get something better, because people need something better if we’re to have any hope of saving the world. And they need it now.

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New UN agency for women

The UN has finally managed to create an agency specifically tasked with working towards gender equality. As Stephen Lewis argued years ago in his Massey Lectures, the lack of a centralized agency for women is a longstanding embarrassment. The new web site is here.

A trillion in aid?

Owen Barder responds to those who claim that the West has spent over a trillion on aid in Africa. First point: it’s not true. Second:

The G-20 countries have, over the whole history of aid, given less aid to sub-Saharan Africa than they spent on fiscal stimulus in the single year of 2009.

Trillions of dollars of aid

RSA Animate – David Harvey on Crises of Capitalism


RSA Animate – Crises of Capitalism

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