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Wikis and consensus

Mark Bernstein on the most recent kerfuflle around Aaron Swartz‘s Wikipedia page: Let’s face it: wikis are for coherent communities with shared values and possessing some mechanism, explicit or implicit, to sanction bad behavior. Wikipedia has tried to evolve its own community through Wikisym and WikiFest and its own sanctions through its disciplinary process, but […]

A call for papers for the Southeast Asianists out there

Call for papers below. Head to the CASA Website for more info. Canadian Council for Southeast Asian Studies Conference 2011 Toronto, Canada 14-16th October 2011 Location: Centre for Southeast Asian Studies (Asian Institute) Munk School of Global Affairs University of Toronto. CALL FOR PAPERS The CCSEAS conference is Canada’s largest meeting of researchers concerned with […]

The UK’s Aid Review – Lessons for everybody else

The ODI has a series of post unpacking the UK’s bilateral and Multilateral aid reviews. I’ll leave comments on the actual reviews to others, but sitting in Canada, one is left to stare in amazement, that a) there is a framework presented for decisions in each of the reviews, and that said framework b) allows […]

Mark Bernstein on the Future of Books

Mark Bernstein on the Future of Books (and on Bob Stein) I’m a liberal whose would gladly send the page to the wall if we could get something better, because people need something better if we’re to have any hope of saving the world. And they need it now.

New UN agency for women

The UN has finally managed to create an agency specifically tasked with working towards gender equality. As Stephen Lewis argued years ago in his Massey Lectures, the lack of a centralized agency for women is a longstanding embarrassment. The new web site is here.

RSA Animate – David Harvey on Crises of Capitalism

Wonderful… RSA Animate – Crises of Capitalism

CIC’s Global Positioning Strategy a wee but Imperialistic?

Denis Stairs (whose class on nationalism pushed me into a Ph.D. more than anything else) lightly chides the CIC on their pretensions of Canada leveraging its toleration and democratic traditions as an export for the less than democratic world. I have not yet read the report, so more later. A Fine Report: But Does it […]

Does the world need more graduate degrees in development?

I always feel a bit dirty when I agree with our friends at Aid Watch (which happens more than I would like to admit). But the overall tone of this post is spot on: Curriculum and course materials proposed by the central “Secretariat” for development practice are housed in Columbia’s Earth Institute. Will the new […]

The Map History of an Unhappy Place, 1829-present

Aid watch documents how various maps of the Horn of Africa documents the gradual impact of colonialism on the region. The Map History of an Unhappy Place, 1829-present: ” Among the forces at work changing the map are Europeans’ increasing knowledge of the area, the expansion of European colonial control, European border changes, and Ethiopian expansion. […]

links for 2010-04-22

Vietnam May Have 400,000 Tons of Unsold Coffee as Plan Starts – BusinessWeek Coffee growers in Vietnam, the world’s biggest robusta producer, may hold as much as 400,000 metric tons of unsold beans as the government starts a stockpiling program to try to counter a drop in prices. (tags: vietnam, commodities, economics, coffee) Data | […]