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I am a Ph.D. student in the Department of Geography at the University of Toronto.

My research interests are in global value chains and community economic development. If this sounds rather contradictory to you (how can one be interested in international trade and local alternative economies) then you’re not alone. Empirically, my research concerns the rapid emergence of a global market bamboo products such as floorboards and home furnishings. I am interested in how new bamboo industries are impacting farmers and rural industries in Vietnam, and in the role of business and development networks in developing new forms of production and circulation for bamboo products.

I also have professional interests in the planning and evaluation of community economic development initiatives, stemming from my time working with CHF, the Coady International Institute and the Centre for Human Settlements at UBC. I spend a lot of time bumping around Vietnam, where I lived for some time before heading back to university. On this webpage, you can find links to my research, some recent teaching and some other places that I like to hang out. There is also a blog that I am always hoping to get around to updating. If for some strange reason (likely extreme procrastination) you want to follow me more closely, then you can take a peek at my Twitter feed or try to befriend me on Facebook. Finally, the more scholarly inclined can hunt down my Zotero links.